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Elite Shungite small


The price is for 1 single stone, approximately 1.5 cm wide.

Elite Shungite is a powerful tool for protection and bodily healing. It helps preventing or reducing the negative side effects of harmful electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure. Excellent for sensitive people as it helps to filter out disharmonious energy from many sources including other people’s emotions.

Water purified energized with elite shungite can help with reducing inflammation, pain and sickness in the body.

Elite Shungite Water instructions:

Soak the stones in freshly boiled water for 10
minutes to sterilize, then rinse

Place in glass or ceramic container (not plastic or metal).To every litre of water you will need 50 to 70 grams of Elite Shungite

Leave to rest for 6 hours.

Sip throughout the day.